1. Floryan nachdenklich (Jlin Remix)
  2. Sleeping Together - Stepha Schweiger: vocals, rhythm guitar, piano - Franz Bargmann: solo guitar
  3. When I was a Bird (Maxi Version) by Pyrolator

Music by Stepha Schweiger
Produced and Arranged by Pyrolator
Words by Katherine Mansfield

Following the successful release of the album “When I was a Bird” by Stepha Schweiger in 2020, L’ST Records is about to release a maxi-single with three of the artist’s new productions on March 26, 2021.

The remix of the song “Floryan nachdenklich”, for which a video is to be released simultaneously, was created by none other than Jlin.

Titled “Sleeping Together”, the next track is a product of the lockdown. Nostalgically recalling the simple act of sleeping side-by-side in times gone by, this song was once again inspired by the writings of the British-New Zealand author Katherine Mansfield.

The icing on the cake of this maxi-single comes in the form of an extended disco version of the title track “When I was a Bird”. Created by the album’s producer Pyrolator, it’s backed by a clubbeat and is ideally suitable for dancing within your own four walls or in the great outdoors.

The new single with three fantastic tracks inspired by Stepha Schweiger’s 2020 album “When I was a Bird” will be digitally released at the end of March 2021.

It kicks off with the Jlin remix of the album track “Floryan nachdenklich” for which there is also a terrific video produced by the Berlin-based Pfadfinderei studio.

Jlin meticulously rearranged snippets of the song about Katherine Mansfield’s Polish lover, assembling them with several layers of a noisy barrage of drums. As if in a hypnotic state, “Floryan” is seated in front of the fire and has hallucinatory imaginings about a tree that ultimately wanders about the room. In her remix, Jlin particularly highlights the outside world, the “black outside” with the “rising tide of wind and rain”, as well as the seemingly “blue and brown and white and red” blossoms of the tree. These colours metaphorically represent an open mindset and inner peace, a philosophy that is wonderfully depicted in the accompanying video.

The second track, “Sleeping Together”, is a brand-new song. It revolves around the recollection of sleeping side-by-side in a room, in a bed, in New Zealand, in the days of old. Yet again, Stepha Schweiger found the impetus for this song in a text by Katherine Mansfield. “Sleeping Together” owes its origin to a trip undertaken in a euphoric state of mind during the 2020 lockdown where the imagination of the singer/songwriter/pianist and composer ran wild. Composed on acoustic guitar, it was recorded back in Berlin and was arranged and produced by Pyrolator. Franz Bargmann (Michael Rother) returns as a solo guitarist on this track.

And last but not least comes the eagerly anticipated maxi-version of the title track “When I was a Bird”. Pyrolator’s club remix is destined to have fans dancing their way through the spring, summer and well beyond. This maxi remix eclipses the already highly acclaimed title track of the album and promises to be the spark that ignites many hot nights of dancing.