“sea crazy song”, the first digital single to be released from stepha schweiger’s new album “when i was a bird”, is an homage to the sea with an eye to the future. in the poem “sea song” by katherine mansfield, the protagonist makes a conscious decision to think no more of the sea. in her mind’s eye, she sees the memory, fully laden in human guise, wandering between the never-ending to and fro of the sea, constantly searching with a “crazy song” on her lips. then the memory merges with the whisper of ghostly waves on the shore. but the sea becomes ever louder and ultimately drowns out all other sounds... lasting all of six minutes, “sea crazy song” is punctuated by the rhythms of crashing waves and ambient seaside sounds, all of which coalesce with the captivating voice of stepha schweiger to conjure up a moment of sweet melancholy in the here and now. the video for “sea crazy song” was produced by pyrolator and offers a visual feast of mellowly merging images.